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Hot tub Jacuzzi spa

Hot tub spa model cle

Hot tub spa model cle

This spa (hot tub) can fit for a medium size family who like to entertain in ultimate  style, or who like more space to spread out and move around. This spa feature 
an surprising 89 high-performance, sophisticated jets and 4 therapy pumps. 

Designed with two luxurious loungers located at two sides nearby, this spa makes her a star with unique massage configurations in each loungers. The rest 
of the spa shares three seats with different unparalleled hydrotherapy 
experience. Aside from these five full therapy seats, this spa has more room 
for people to relax which is called cool-off seat or baby seat. To those who 
truly want to have it all, this high performance spa is definitely a unique 
SPA and HOT TUB Feature
Size (mm)  2300x2300x930
Capacity (adults) 3SEATS+2 LOUNGE
Baby seat 2
Total jets 84
Massage jets 71
Air Jets  10pcs
Three column jets 3pcs
Air control valve 4pcs
Water-way delivery 2pcs
Three column jets control valve 1pc
Water Massage Pump  2 of 3HP
Shoulders massage 1 seats
Hip massage 5 seats
Feet massage Yes
Skirt speakers 2pcs
FM radio Yes
*Pop-up speakers 2pcs
Heater 1 of 2.5KW
Suction 2pcs
Blower  1 of 1HP
Ozone system 450mg/h
Skimmer yes
Circulation Pump 1 of 0.5HP
Filter 100sqf
three-hole water fountain yes
waterfall  yes
luxury corner pillow 1pcs
Standard pillow  4pcs
Multi –color LED Under Water Light 1pc
Weatherable Polymer skirt 1set
Stainless steel frame yes
Shell Lucite Acrylic
therapy control panel (LCD display control system for multi pumps) yes
Bottom panel Fibre Reinforce Plastic
A coat insulation foam yes
warm cover yes

Loading quantity of containers
40HQ container: 10 pieces

Options for Spa in outdoor use

  • Perimeter LED lights around the waterline USD 135
  • Store step USD 90
  • Stainless steel jets USD 380
  • Lift speaker USD 135

Other options for Spa: Popup waterproof TV, Telephone remote system, speech system, automatic filling water, waterproof DVD/CD/MP3, Control panel backlight, Warm cover, Storage steps, bottom panel ,popup speaker


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