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Fountain LED lights - Pond LED lights

Fountain Lights - Pond Lights

Stainless steel or bronze underwater fountain lights and pond lights with low energy consumption LED

LED's allow to change colors or use fixed colors

For underwater or out of water use.  Maintenance free.  Extra long life

Largest variety of underwater lighting. These Water Lights are great for ponds, fountain lighting, Koi pond lights, Fish Tanks, Aquarium lighting, water features, pool, spa etc.
We offer them in many styles and many materials. Low voltage 12v underwater lights. All our Under water lights are made of high quality material and are built to last in under water conditions. You may use all of our fountain lights with clear or colored LEDs.

The color changing LED fountain light offers a new dimension to water effects and makes fountain more dynamic. It is perfect to
illuminate animated fountains.

Fountain light must be connected to led driver. The led driver allows to set colors, intensity and speed variations with preset combinations

Fountain LED lights high power fountain LED lights full colors Recessed underwater fountain lights - LED RGB

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LED underwater fountain lights
Recessed underwater lights
Underwater spot lights



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